The Day Robert Goren Stood Still

I don't like re-makes. I've always preferred Spoorloos instead of The Vanishing. And this also applies to Abre Los Ojos, Insomnia, Nattevagten, Hitcher, Changeling, Funny Games, Sleuth (please don't touch my Murder By Death!) and to all J-Horror movies. Speaking of Far East genre; after Pak Chan-Wook's Oldboy Hollywood is re-making Kim Ji-Woon's A Tale Of Two Sisters... It's just a matter of time to hunt down Kim Ki-Duk's Bad Guy:) Anyway as far as I'm considered Robert Wise has always been the director of cult classic movies. Nevertheless I don't wanna sound prejudgemental about the re-make of The Day The Earth Stood Still but for God's sake; giant glass spheres attacking NY?! Gort! Klaatu barada nikto! Yeah, whatever you say Klaatu!

For the past two years, Robert Goren went through seriuosly tough times. First her mother passed away. The same day he found out that his real father, Mark Ford Brady was a serial killer (Endgame - S06E21). And the very next year he had to put up with the death of his brother Frank Goren. Later on Bobby learned that Frank was killed by Nicole Wallace, presumably (Frame - S07E22) not to mention, his mentor Declan Gage was a trueborn jerk! So this must be the day Bobby stood still. Ah, the people around you, ah! They don't know or realize how fragile you are, do they? My dear detective; you know it well: Homo Homini Lupus. (First attested as Lupus Est Homo Homini, the sentence was drawn on by Thomas Hobbes in De Cive section of Leviathan as a concise expression of his view of human nature). And may I remind you the famous line of the dialogue from Jean Paul Satre's No Exit (Huis-Clos): 'Hell is other people' (L'enfer c'est les autres). The thing is; Satre's always preoccupied with human's inauthenticity as a social being, with the banality and mediocrity of life lived in the eyes of other people, he agrees heartily with Dostoyevski that it's impossible to olve your fellow man if you have much contact with him. The bottom line is; unfortunately we, or in other words, self consciousness needs the other to prove /display its own existence. What a masochistic desire to be limited in the briefest form, isn't it? Others need the suffering of us in order to exist and vice versa. But that's life. C'est la vie. Yes Bobby, you've come a long way but now let's go ahead. Eh bien, continuous... (the curtain line from Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot). So; for God's sake! USA Network authoritatives; what happened to our Season 8?! In between please look at the pictures of Mark Ford Brady and Declan Gage below. Am I the only one who see the resemblance between two father 'figures'?