Dial M For Me

We've mentioned the things Bobby is carrying with him before, haven't we? We've talked about his blue pen and his leather folder. No, we haven't talked about his switchblade shown below. And he also has a pocket handkerchief habit; it didn't slip my attention. But above all, he uses cell phone, is of vital importance in his job. As far as I see; Bobby doesn't like talking on the phones, neither do I; just one of the worst time wasters. The only episode we see him chatting excessively is The Extra Man (S01E06). In btw I've noticed that NYPD of LOCI prefers Motorola brand. Bobby's cell phone in the episode Purgatory (S07E11) was Motorola V3, before that he was using Motorola V188 (Grow - S05E01). Way back in the year dot, I used the same one. And correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I remember the first time we see him using cell phone (Ericsson 388) is the episode Homo Homini Lupis (S01E14). Anyway they say if there's anything worse than a girl living alone, it's a girl saying she likes it. Oh yes, I'm enjoying my independence! Oh no, loneliness not always sucks! But Bobby, if you ever need anything, no matter what it is or wherever you happen to be you can call me.