Gorenic Airlines

Years of flying excellence, altitude and attitude, Gorenic Airlines is well equipped to meet the needs of every one from the complete beginner to the professionals. No previous flying experience is necessary. Take a seat in the cockpit for the ride of your life with most hair raising jet pilot in the world: Robert Goren. To soar through the sky with Gorenic Airlines is pure ectasy and it's absolutely legal! You can choose either the introductory option for an orientation to flying or extended flying for a longer, more in-depth lesson. In any case 100 % satisfaction guaranteed! Turn your dream into reality with Gorenic Airlines. Safety Warning Before The Maximum Ride: Overdose can significantly increase your BP and HR! In any case of heart crash, if you can survive Robert Goren, you can survive anything.

Robert Goren can damage my blood vessels and cause tachycardia?! And so can my acrophobia. To hell with it! Do I wanna fly? YES SIR YES! You are all I long for. All I worship and adore. In other words; fly me to the moon or anywhere! And who knows, I may be cured. Yeah, yeah... Things I got to do in the name of medicine! And ONE LAST THING; do I dare ask Bobby, probably your answer will make my hair stand on end nonetheless how many passengers did you have?

Bobby In Several Cockpits

A Brief Before A Potential Flight