My Funny Anti-Valentine

It's that time of the year! Normally I'm closed on Valentine's Day. If you wonder why, well, I personally dislike V.D. Being in love is not about February 14th! V.D. is just a consumerist oriented, overrated, meaningless, manipulative day. Ah, who am I kidding? I'm turning 30, the man I love is out of my reach besides, since my Mr. Wrong radar has won a lifelong achievement award in the past I'm hardly a serial dater or just a dater, let's say. So naturally I'm alone! Eeek! I know, I'm kind of a hopeless case, but believe me my dear detective, a cute, little, smart hopeless case:) Did I say modest? Yes, a very, very 'modest' but a hopeless case none the less! Uh-oh! Well, but I can always sleep crossways in bed. Anyway for a change, this year I've come up with an idea for V.D. To be honest, I've never liked Cupid anyway. Chubby, naked, dangerous and armed! Kinda big, plastic, shaking device:) Speaking of a plastic device, you know what they say; love is a four letter word. And now I have another four letter word in my mind for V.D. Aarrrghh, shoot me please! NO! Not you, you butterfingered, crosseyed cupid! Not again! But before that, let me post my last wish: Valentine haters of all lands, unite! No... I'm not bitter at all. Why do you ask? Sniff...Sob...

If You Can't Make It Then You'll Have To Face The Consequences.
Don't Make Me A Cupid-Boiler! Bring Robert Goren, Regardless!

Ah Bobby ah! Why aren't you a real thing? Capital R, capital T? Can't live with him, can't live without him *sigh*. Anyway we can (ahem!) still have fun, can't we? Nevertheless happy valentine's day or single awareness day!

Earth Is Full. Go Home!

Promise, I'll Be Gentle!

The Trouble With Life Is There's No Background Music!

I'm Trying To Imagine You With A Personality.

Ai! What I Need Is An Eyepatch For Stupidity!