Psychopathologically Yours

Blink (S02E20) is an interesting LOCI episode, at least for me. In the first place, we once again find ourselves in the Hudson University (Remember Anti-Thesis S02E03). In the second place, we learn that our detective spent six months in Korea for he defines the meaning of Sannakji which is a live octopus dish in Korean cusine while he is trying to help Eames to break a PC password. On account of this, we figure out that Eames is the 'computer nerd' in that partnership since Robert Goren, after finding a working laptop in the victim's room, kindly leaves it to his partner and moves away to check the books on the shelves, he's certainly not a technophobic though. Aside from these, we further find out that Goren has fear of heights; Acrophobia (same here). Paradoxically he doesn't like confined places as well (Tuxedo Hill S01E22) (Pravda S03E05).

Bobby's IBM

He Seems To Like Computers, Doesn't He?

Besides He Loves Gadgets, Like Ipod

And Nintendo.

For a brief episode summary: Robert Goren deals with a criminal who seems incapable of experiencing fear and is said to be suffering from Psychopathic Personality Disorder. Well, I don't claim to know it all but as far as I know, as a term PPD is scientifically invalid and no longer in use. What can I say? I have plenty of time to concentrate on insignificant details besides I'm a ridiculous, tenacious, meticulous girl:) Anyway people suffering from Antisocial Personality Disorder were formerly called psychopaths and APD is a psychological personality disorder characterized by lack of empathy or conscience, a difficulty controlling impulses and manipulative behaviors. Certainly there is much misunderstanding surrounding the term psychopathy for people having APD are sometimes referred to as sociopaths and psychopaths although some researchers believe that psychopathy/sociopathy are not synonymous with APD. There is no actual diagnosis of psychopathy in DSM-IV however the official stance of the APA as presented in the DSM-IV is that psychopathy and sociopathy are obsolete synonyms for APD. The WHO takes a similar stance in its ICD-10 by referring to psychopathy, sociopathy, antisocial personality, asocial personality and amoral personality as synonyms for Dissocial Personality Disorder. All the same, the definition of APD is still controversial for many have argued that psychopathy/sociopathy are incorrectly put together in DSM-IV. Well, I'm not trying to bore you, though it's too late, therefore I can recommend this Article for those who may like to read more.
So in short; psychopaths are just plain horrible but certainly very sharp people. Because of their high level of appeal or call it sexual attractiveness, if you will, it's usually hard to identify their malevolence. Well, after all, even the most sane people, who appear sane to everyone around them, can be insane on the inside. With Bernard Herrmann's simple, stabbing violins as the background music of Psycho, who knows? Psychopaths may look perfect, have the perfect job and (up until a certain point) say all the perfect things so that everyone assumes them perfect.