I Believe In Yesterday

Let's take a nostalgic look back at the first season, shall we? Please come in and see what our detective is up to! Yesterday (S01E18) is a first season episode of the LOCI and in this episode, our detectives investigate the discovery of a woman's body that appears tied and carefully wrapped in a plastic tarp, as they learn she was reported missing 20 years previously. Meanwhile, the well preserved body of the victim shows signs that she was subject to substantial physical torture before killing her. Chemical residue on the body leads Goren and Eames to the basement of the house in which it had originally been buried underneath, and later to a drug addicted man whose parents owned the home. But their instincts tell them that this man must have had a smarter partner in crime. A junkie gets arrested but when the junkie ends up murdered as well, the detectives focus their investigation on his college classmate; a former chess master who is now a successful businessman known to suddenly disappear for a while from his family. The man, who has a history of drugging and sexually assaulting women, could be linked to two earlier rape cases with similarities to the murder. The case takes a major turn when Goren confronts this morbidly retarded guy during an interrogation after they move each other around rooms for a while. Btw, thanks to the episode, we learn that Eames was into denim fashion of the 80's.

Alex Eames: It’s not more than twenty years. That’s a black denim miniskirt from the London Limited. They only made them one season, 1983.
Robert Goren: You wore one of these?
Alex Eames: I looked good in it too.

Miniskirt aside, were you also into neon colored off the shoulder t-shirts, tight acid washed, razor shredded jeans, hi-top Reeboks and orange mohawk hair Eames? Never mind:) I'm just being cranky. Anyway, what I remember most about this episode is the image of neck tieless Bobby. Just wow!

Ah, it would be so very nice to see you wear a suit without a tie all the time. Maybe a kinda macho but who cares? Yes Bobby, neck ties serve no purpose. They do not keep you warm nor do they protect you from harm. Break the cycle, loose your neck tie or better yet go tieless! Meanwhile let's recall more neck tieless Bobby. Admittedly second season is beyond my wildest dreams.

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