Any Color You Like

... As long as it's black. No, I haven't forgetten Goren's black (brownish black, I should say) leather folder. This folder is practically a part of him. You can see him carrying it under his arm or holding in his hand all the time as he takes his folder wherever he goes. He usually writes notes while examining/searching the crimes scenes, talking to the witnesses or the relatives/friends of the victims and interrogating the suspects. Btw, according to Dempster Shafer Theory, in other words the possibility theory; the likelihood of putting the end of the pen you are holding, in your mouth is substantially higher than the likelihood of biting off the folder you are carrying?! Though I believe in love at first bite, as long as the probability ratios confirm this deduction and its validity factor doesn't alter. Yay! I still wanna be Goren's blue pen:)