Does The Name Pavlov Ring A Bell?

Approximately a decade ago, a Russian psychologist named Ivan Pavlov widely known for first describing the approach of Classical Conditioning demonstrated us an automatic form of learning. The most famous and well known key concept of his theory was a phrase known as Pavlov's Dog is often used to describe instinctive responses rather than critical thinking. Pavlov's discoveries had a great impact on the psychology of obidience. And many years later, an NYPD major case detective named Robert Goren developed and introduced a brand new, revolutionary technique in the field known as Bobby's Conditioning. Goren's experimental methodology basically focuses on pure obidience. To comprehend his innovative but controversial style please watch the video below and see how it works:

Shall we listen to I Wanna Be Your Dog or what? Just a metaphor, no SM jokes please:) Even if it's not I can live with that. When it comes to Bobby my favorite quote is 'Frankly my dear... ' I guess we all know the rest.