The Diary Of A Seducer

Published in 1843, Either/Or is an influential book written by Soren Kierkegaard exploring the aesthetic stages of existence. The book's central concern is the primal question asked by Aristotle 'How should we live?', hence as a whole the work of Kierkegaard is an affirmation of Aristotelian Logic. And The Diary Of A Seducer, written by a fictional author named 'Johannes The Seducer' is a volume in the book which illustrates how the aesthete holds the 'interesting' as his highest value and how to satisfy his voyeuristic reflections. Likewise, by the virtue of evaluating W. A. Mozart's Cherubino and J. W. Goethe's Faust, Kierkegaard's essay is one of the most important philosophical discussions to touch on the subject Don Juanism and for my part; The Diary Of A Seducer is a landmark of nearly all modern seduction literature. So come, let's check our seducer's diary and the one and only primal question asked by me is 'How can I live without you?' Well, obviously since I lack the capacity to write a sophisticated essay as Kierkegaard did, I have to give blood, sweat and tears to find a good, decent answer to my question, in the meantime let's satisfy our voyeuristic reflections: Behold random, daily Robert Goren and his speech bubbles. So let's stop global whining! It's Bobby's time. Go Bobby Go!

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