Close Encounters Of The Third Woman

For the past seven seasons we've never seen Robert Goren having an affair. However let's recall all the women in his life. Beyond dispute, our first lady is Goren's mother; Frances Goren (The War At Home S06E08), (The Brother's Keeper S06E15), (The End Game S06E21). Goren has always been sensitive to his mother. Just a brief info; she used to be a librarian till she developed schizophrenia in her early thirties and spent the rest of her life at Carmel Ridge. She was also diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent major surgery. In The End Game; Goren faced the possibility that the serial killer Mark Ford Brady might be his father because of her; later DNA results confirmed that Brady was indeed his biological father. It was also the same episode where Goren's mother and father died. Well, what a woman! His partner Alex Eames takes the second place. Eames is practical, calm, steady. She's a woman with both feet on the ground who knows what's what. Besides she has always displayed respect to Goren and supported him under every circumstances. Also she once referred to him as an acquired taste. (In The Wee Small Hours Part II S05E07). So she definitely has good taste and as long as she keeps her hands off our detective as she used to, I'll keep on appreciating her:) We can put Nicole Wallace, a sociopathic conartist, thief, serial killer and also the archnemesis of Goren in the third place (Anti-Thesis S02E03), (A Person Of Interest S02E23), (Pas De Deux S03E13), (Great Barrier S04E04), (Grow S05E01), (Slither S05E11), (Renewal S06E22), (Frame S07E22). We first met her under the alias Elizabeth Hitchens working as a literature professor in 2002. And soon after murdering Goren's brother Frank Goren with poison, she was killed by Goren's mentor Declan Gage in 2008. Well, I've never liked her anyway. So third place is still open. Well, I guess enough of all this serious talk! So let's look at the others who had a chance to 'get intimate' with our detective one by one.

Irene (Enemy Within S01E10)

Robert Goren's ex-girlfriend. A Tall, skinny, Brooklyn broker with dark hair and dark eyes. So is she your type? For a change, how about a green eyed, blonde, petit girl, at the same time an MD, pursuing a Ph.D?

Isobel Carnicki (But Not Forgotten S03E04)

So you are holding the hand of a married woman? Ouch! That hurt! Slow down a bit, I think I'm not ready to see the rest.

Margie Timmons (Pas De Deux S03E13)

And now you are dancing with a married woman?!! ... Sniff... Sniff... Boo... Hoo...

Nelda Carlson (Semi-Detached S04E01)

And another married woman with Borderline Personality Disorder... Hmmm... I see; married women are your type then! I can get married, no problem. So how about a green eyed, blonde, married, petit girl?

Beth Harner (Masquerade S06E06)

Now you are having dinner with a middle aged woman? Allright, no problem. I can get older if this is what you are looking for. You know, now these days surgeons can create miracles... Oh, well! What the hell, I'm really tired! My point is; take me!

Leslie LeZard - (Smile S07E03)

Pissh! You little nutcase! I saw you. You gave your business card to Goren twice. Anyway you got what you deserved in the end.