A Streetcop Named Desire

First and foremost; all the dedicated police officers of NYC who are really working hard to keep the streets safe please don't take offense as I don't wanna hurt any of you. But honestly what are the odds to meet a police like Robert Goren while wandering the streets of NYC? A couple of days ago while watching LOCI as one of my daily routines, I've noticed that Bobby looks amazing on the street. Yes I know, I know; beauty is in the eye of the beholder or beauty inside is what counts the most... Believe in peace, love people, save pandas! OK, allright! But no matter what you say Bobby is astonishingly beautiful. Whether you agree or not, he looks gorgeous among the crowd without a doubt. And above all he's the most desirable cop ever! Excuse me, what did you say? Bias? Prejudice? Ideefixe? Association fallacy? Halo effect? No, I'm not familiar with these words:) Please check out the link and see it for yourself: Outdoor Bobby In btw, regardless of the topic, this is for my advisor: Dear sir, with all due respect, are you out of your mind? Yes I know I'm way behind my schedule. So what? For God's sake, stop pushing me! By the way take your academic title and...Ah, where were we? Believe in peace, love people, save pandas! So I should better take a break for a while before I break. And mom, this one is for you: Ce homme est merveilleusement beau! Ah ouais, ce qu'on aime est toujours beau. Entre les deux; en New York, il a plu pendant toute la semaine. Mais toujours je prefere une week-end sportif plutot qu'une week-end a la maison:) Ph.d? Cest une probleme sur quoi j'ai en pense longtemps, il n'y pas de quoi s'inquieter. Et l'amour d'une mere ne vieillit pas. Je t'aime.

One example of Outdoor Bobby