Bobby's Got A Gun

At the end of November, Columbia University held a panel discussion to present the latest book of Gilles Kepel titled Beyond Terror and Martyroom. In general Kepel, world famous expert on Middle East talked on the emergence of the Islamist political movements while interpreting the neoconservatives nightmares after 9/11. Well, yes, no doubt, he's academically talented and sophisticated but the thing is; you must have bumped your head real hard to read his books on the plane as the titles of his books are Jihad, Terrorism, Radical Islam, Al Qaeda, Allah In The West etc. In general he concluded that with the rise in terrorist acvitiy in the USA, personal protection has become a matter of survival and people has begun to buy all sorts of PDWs excessively ignoring the fact that counter terrorism is in the end a kind of self sacrifice terrorism.

Anyway as we know Janie's Got A Gun, is about a girl named Janie taking revenge on her father after being sexually abused, is one of the few Aerosmith songs to deal with a heavy social issue like gunshot victims. Certainly I don't approve guns but here we're talking about an NYPD major case detective. And under all circumstances Robert Goren is dead or gun -I should say- sexy and hypothetically speaking it really doesn't matter whether he carries a S&M, Glock, Beretta, Colt or a Hello Kitty doll in his hand:) Therefore don't get mad at me but he looks stunning with a gun in his hand. Let's see his 'weapons' one by one: First, his switchblade, second, a toy gun and third, his real gun. Please don't miss 'Get Ready, I'm Taking It Out!', 'Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?', 'Melt, In The Name Of My Gun' pictures of our detective, right below the first collage. Ah, btw, Sigmund Freud once said that 'A fear of guns is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity'. I love that tiny, little, psycho-jello 'pervert':)