Smells Like Keen Spirit

Bobby is keen, that is for sure. Besides he has a keen sense of smell. Before I begin let me clear one thing; it is certainly unethical and inappropriate to identify a disorder by appearance. Hence hypothetically speaking; in medical terms, heightened sense of smell is called hyperosmia. It's a sensory disturbance and related to the conditions hyposmia (decreased ability to detect odors) as well as anosmia (inability to detect odors), but much less common. The genetic basic of enhanced odorant remains largely unknown and is seen in patients with Migrainous Neuralgia, Addison Disease, epilepsy seizures-Grand Mal attacks-(aura before Status Epilepticus) and tumors. As a disorder of the central nervous system, specifically neurology deals with its diagnosis and treatment but sometimes hyperosmia can also be psychosomatic. In particular psychosomatic hyperosmia is more likely to develop in people who have a Histrionic Personality (characterized by conspicuous seeking of attention with dramatic behavior. In Freudian terms; Hysteria). Because of that, psychiatrists may also be involved in clinical research of the disease. So far I know, dysfunction in temporal lobe of the cerebrum is responsible for excessive keenness to smell. I'm interested in the subject because the pshycopharmacology used in the treatment of epilepsy is also applied to the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder on occasions along with antidepresants and atypical antipsychotics. Oh well, whatever it's Bobby, I can cure you:) Just say the words.... But all that aside, time to time our detective fails to detect certain odours. For instance; in the episode Posthumous Collection (S04E02) Bobby finds a residue in the crime scene and smells but somehow can't decribe it. Eames in return replies: 'A smell that you don't know!' Maybe it's just one of those days, who knows? Anyway as Somerset Maugham said once ' Your beauty is an ectasy, it's as simple as hunger. There's really nothing to be said about it. It's like the perfume of a rose. You can smell it and that's all'. Unfortunately we can watch it from a distance and that's all.

The Moment When A 'Nosy' Detective Lost His Sense Of Smell