The Odd Man and The Sea

As far as I remember while exploring a crime scene on the shore of Coney Island Bobby says 'I hate beaches' in the episode Depths (S07E05). But in another episode we see him playing with the scale model of sailing boats and almost immediately Alex Eames reinforces his tendency by saying: 'If it's not the cars then it's the boats' (The Murderer Among Us - S03E07). Let me figure this out; so you like sailing but you can't stand beaches. Pfff! There are marinas for it.

Awww... Aren't you as pretty as a cuddly toy:) Please just look at that sweet, innocent, almost childhish expression on his face. Could he be any cuter? And to cap it all he's still damn sexy, admittedly! Mrawr! For God's sake Bobby; how can you do that? In btw I might have written before, I'm pretty fond of sailing as I'm pretty fond of my independence. So my dear detective, for a change, let's aboard, let's jibe, let's broach reach, let's luff, let's heel, let's port tack... If you've adrenalin insufficiency let's join Volvo Ocean Race! If you like good old stuff let's go fishing! Whatever the trim you like; as long as you're by my side anything goes for me:)

Don't get him wrong! He's talking about the fish he's caught:) Sounds fishy?

And what if you're odd? That makes two of us:) You're damaged, you're different, you're rare, you're out of this world; you are downright... something else. You're totally unique. You shouldn't be concerned about this, not at all. Well then let it rip Bobby! This little fool loves you just the way you're:)

I am what I am. That's all that I am. (Popeye The Sailor Man)