Her Name Is Lola

And she is Bobby's ex-girlfriend. Our detective mentions her for the first and last time in the episode Cherry Red (S02E19). Let's remember in his words:

Robert Goren: It's a homeopathic remedy for cat allergies. Microscopic cat dander you put on your tongue. I had a girlfriend named Lola, she had cats.
Alex Eames: You ate furballs for her?

Very well said, mam! I have to say, the thing I love most about Eames is her sarcasm. So tell me Bobby, what does she look like? Blonde, brunette, skinny, maybe a little crackie, teeny, tiny, bitty, kitty like me? Like I really need to know! However, since she likes pets, I'm trying my best not to become upset. Oh well, whatever! In any case; Run Lola Run! So ashamed to admit it but I can hardly tolerate any woman around Bobby. Anyway so far, it seems that the only Lola I love is my 12 year old Samoyed dog. Yes, believe it or not! Her name is Lola.

Woofy... Woofy! Where's My Derin Mommy?