Sexcellent Bobby

People like Bobby are the reason people like me suffer from Alexithymia:) His astute judge of characters as well as perceptive analysis of the situations are first-rate. He demonstrates a shrewd understanding of human nature, that's for sure. Oh yes, the bigger the brain (I said 'Brain'! What were you thinking?) the better the man:) Like Madame De Saint Ange says in La Philosophie Dans le Boudoir by Marquis De Sade 'I want to be Ganymede to this new Jupiter'. Come again? Confusing fact with fiction? This is exactly what Idiot Defense is all about. Btw it's the serial killers who are oversexed, I'm just a blogger:) Are we getting into a weird area? Allright then, let's see some random, daily Bobby.

Tell Me, Do I Look Like A Freakin' People Person?

Oh, No! I'm Not Playing! I'm Soooo Going Home.

So Many Stupid People And So Few Asteroids!

You Know, I'm Not Errata Non Grata! Take It Or Leave It!

In Case Of Rapture, Can I Have Your Car?

Like What You See? So Would You Like To Paint Me Naked?

I Said I'm Not Angry! I'm Just From New York!

Don't Play Fool With Me! Politicians Are Way Better At It.

Screw Alcohol! I Can Make You High.

All Work And No Play Makes Bobby A Sexy Boy.

I Know I'm Perfect But Trust Me Some Parts Of Me Are Incredible
. Unfortunately there are not any photos avaible of this. It's all up to your imagination.