The Man Who Knows Too Much

Some may find our detective Mr. Know-It-All. Oh well, it is just a matter of taste and nothing further to add to this, I guess. But I have to admit; his interest areas are quite diverse. Let's check them episode by episode then. As we've written before; he likes classic cars, Italian foods and scale model boats. Ah yes, he also likes to dance:) Below scene is from the episode Gemini (S03E02). Bobby is in my territory, at New York Public Library:) Well, let's not forget that his most important investigating tool is his library card after all.

In episode Inert Dwarf (S04E09) we learn that Bobby read the book of John Minotti, a cranky mathemathics genius (real-life Stephen Hawking presumably). But he humbly admits that he fails to understand his universe. I've read S. Hawking's four books of which three of them were quite incomprehensive. The one I've managed to understand was his autobiography:) No seriously, I'm very much interested in String Theory. Below, Bobby is reading a big, black textbook titled A Study in Psychopathology (Consumed S03E21). I exactly had the same one marked with lots of post-its while I was studying for my TUS (academic equivalent of USMLE).

With so many books in your hand, now you've decided to have a Ph.D. degree Bobby? (Eosphoros S04E05). Think again! Well yes, you can but that doesn't mean that you should:) Aaah, if you should have only seen me presenting my proposal to the doctoral committee after the Ph.D dissertation!

Or maybe you have decided to become a master of wine? Anyway most Oenologists hold doctorates. You are circling around that Ph.D. stuff, I guess.

Since there's noone to interrogate, Bobby spends his time concentrating on Riemann Hypothesis (Bright Boy S02E02). Even tired he looks perfect, doesn't he?

In btw have you noticed? By detecting several physical symptoms our detective is capable of identifying complex diseases; such as Spina Bifida (Wrongful Life), Cannibalism (Want), Partial Epilectic Seizure (The Gift), Dyslexia (Bright Boy), Voyeurism (Zoonotic), Aspargar Syndrome (Probability), Schziphorenia (See Me) (Gemini), Diabetes Mellitus (Cherry Red), Alzheimer Disease (Cold Comfort) (In The Dark), Stockholm Syndrome (Homo Homini Lupus) (Prisoner), Borderline Personality Disorder (Shrink-Wrapped) (Semi-Detached), Paranoid Personality Disorder (Scared Crazy) (Cuba Libre), Psychopathic Personality Disorder (Blink), Nyctalopia (See Me), Migraine (Suite Sorrow), Passive Agressive Personality Disorder (Best Defense), Somnambulism (Consumed), AMD-Macular Degeneration- (Amends), Anaphylaxis-Catastrophic Allergic Shock- (Sound Bodies), Incestism (Death Roe) and Autoerotic Asphyxiation (Tomorrow). D-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y Goren Knows Everything. Um... Btw why do I get the feeling that in almost everyway, you and me, we are supposed to be together? But I guess I will never know how it feels to be with you *a big, heavy, long sigh*. So what? That's no matter for wishful thinking:) What better place to dream than in NY anyway? Although a little, cute mouse thinks otherwise.

Ah Paris Ah!