Our detective as he doesn't like confined places (Tuxedo Hill S01E22) (Pravda S03E05). Bobby seems to suffer from Claustrophobia which is usually described as a fear of enclosed places. A more accurate description might be 'a fear of not having an easy escape route' because for anyone who experiences this phobia this is the predominating feature; you feel a need to be able to get out or get home, quickly. Same story here! Because I have Acrophobia:) A number of studies have shown that most people who get Cognitive Behavioral Theraphy for phobias feel less anxious. The major behavioral approach is the Systematic Desensitization which is a technique used to treat phobias and other extreme or erroneous fears based on principles of behavior modification. This behavior modification technique, which is founded on the principles of Classical Conditioning, was developed by Joseph Wolpe in the 1950s. It is a therapeutic intervention that reduces the learned link between anxiety and objects or situations that are typically fear-producing. The aim of Systematic Desensitization is to reduce or eliminate fears or phobias that sufferers find are distressing or that impair their ability to manage daily life. During the intervention the client learns to cope with phobias and other fears and to induce relaxation. After learning relaxation skills the client and therapist create an anxiety hierarchy which can be explained as a catalogue of anxiety-provoking situations or stimuli arranged in order from least to most distressing. To make a long story short; desensitization is an effective form of therapy. We know that Bobby took MMPI during high school and afterwards was sent to the counselor's office (Bright Boy S02E02). So far, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is the most widely used and thoroughly researched of all the objective personality assessment instruments. And in general MMPI is considered to be an useful psychological assessment device for identifying phobias. Probably Bobby's tendency towards phobias as a personality trait must have been diagnosed during this attempt. Though Scale 7 Psychasthenia diagnostic label is no longer used today and the symptoms described on this scale are more reflective of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This scale was originally used to measure excessive doubts, compulsions, obsessions and unreasonable fears. Besides we know that Bobby has authority issues (Mad Hops S03E11), hence hypothetically speaking (again), I think he must have scored high on Scale 4 Psychopathic Deviate which originally developed to identify psychopathic patients and this scale measures social deviation, lack of acceptance of authority and amorality. It can be thought of as a measure of disobedience. High scorers tend to be more rebellious while low scorers are more accepting of authority. It should be kept in mind that MMPI is not a perfect test however it remains a valuable tool in the diagnosis and the treatment of mental illness. The MMPI-2 has been utilized in other fields outside of clinical psychology. The revised edition of MMPI was released in 1989 as the MMPI-2 and received revision again in 2001. It is often used in legal cases, including criminal defense and custody disputes. The test has also been used as screening and personnel selection instrument for certain professions by Human Resources departments although the use of the MMPI in this manner has been controversial. Well, I'm against all kinds of labels and that includes MMPI as well as DSM (Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders), better known as DSM-IV. Trust me Bobby, you are an excellent L’esprit De L’escalier case so don't give a damn!

Having Fun In A Confined Place (Tuxedo Hill S01E22)