Bobby And The Pea Stalk

I know, peas don't grow on trees but who cares? As we've all heard before; in the English fairy tale, Jack And The Bean Stalk, a handful of magic beans rescues Jack's family from poverty. A heartbreaking story, isn't it? Fee fi fo fum! I think I need a hanky. Excuse my bitter tongue but I believe that reality is the curse of dreaming class:)It's not the tales, it's the life itself! It's waaaay too real. When I talk like that, I bet I sound like one of those imbecile cats:)

Ronald Searle's Cats

Contrary to what I've written above I still love the things that people of my age have grown out of, such as unicorns, cunning elves, crystal balls. Other than my personal interest, fairy tales play an important role in dynamic psychology and the history of psychoanalytic interpretations of fairy tales goes back to the times of Sigmund Freud. Freud in his 1919 essay The Uncanny, not only a theoretical commentary on the power of strangeness but one of the weirdest texts in the Freudian canon, draws on the work of German fairy tale writer E.T.A Hoffmann and focuses specifically on his tale The Sandman featuring a doll named Olympia. Besides not long ago, I remember reading an article titled Fairy Tales and Trauma in American Journal Of Psychoanalysis; an international quarterly founded by Karen Horney (a pioneer scholar in the field). Anyway, let's check the pic below. It looks Bobby's found his magic peas (Tomorrow - S02E07). So is trick about to happen? Mirror, mirror on the wall; tell me can a fiction man turn into a real life man after midnight? If you believe pigs can fly, why not? According to New Scientist; over the past couple of years, neuroscientists and magicians have been getting together to create a science that might be called 'Magicology'. If succesful, both sides stand to benefit. After all magic is all about appearing to break the laws of nature. And the laws of nature, of course inviolable, which is why magicians target the human brain instead. Btw as a current subscriber, this magazine is amazing, for instance, let me write some titles from the latest one: 'All I Want For Xmas Is A Snowflake Machine' or 'Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?' Pretty smart, pretty cute:)

Bobby, Making Magic (Crazy S01E12)