I See Dumb People

Yesterday, I re-watched an episode of LOSVU titled Authority which is based on the controversial experiment of Milgram. I'm not gonna talk at length but as all the psychology students know well; conformity (tested by Solomon Asch), compliance (tested by Philip G. Zimbardo) and obidience (tested by Stanley Milgram) are three major topics of experimental social psychology. And among three experiments, I've always been terrified by the Stanford Prison Experiment the most (Robert Goren mentions it in the episode Stress Position S04E13). As you may know, in 2001, inspired by Zimbardo's infamous study, Oliver Hirschbiegel directed a movie entitled Das Experiment. Well, idiocrasy is all about 'following orders' without questioning, isn't it? So the title goes for you. I think that the anti-sheep agenda of the anti-hero Merrit Rook has a point.

And my point is; in the same episode, I've noticed that Rook's wife's killed by an alcoholic gynecologist. The last straw! Do you know what I'm thinking? I think Law And Order scriptwriters don't like medical doctors:) Well, we've seen LOCI scriptwriters framing writers, judges, police officers, politicians, housewives, CEO's, artists, cooks, chess masters and magicians. But medical doctors seem to be clustered under the Gaussian bell curve more frequently. Let's remember all the white coated killers around Bobby.

The Good Doctor (S01E09) A Plastic Surgeon
Crazy (S01E12) A Forensic Psychiatrist
Seizure (S01E17) A Neurologist
See Me (S02E13) An Ophthalmologist
Zoonotic (S02E22) A Pathologist
Shrink Wrapped (S03E15) A Psychiatrist (Not a murderer but paradoxically a paraphilic)
D.A.W (S03E20) A Physician
Grow (S05E01) A Medical Examiner (An MD worse than so-and-so Wallace! What's that?! Oh please!)
Scared Crazy (S05E09) A Psychologist/Psychiatrist

A Psychiatrist Hitting On Bobby (Shrink Wrapped - S03E15)

Ah, you are a shrink-magnet, aren't you? Humpf! I'm nothing like her, besides my handwriting is readable:) In btw, I've noticed that whenever a woman tries to seduce Goren, he immediately pulls back, as in this episode (Shrink Wrapped - S03E15). For instance, in another episode, when a woman touches Goren's coat to dust off, he suprises (Maledictus - S01E19). In A Person Of Interest (S02E23) when Nicole Wallace stands up to Goren both verbally and physically, he again steps back. Also in Vacancy (S05E17) when an out-of-towner girl treats Goren as her 'guardian angel', he seems quite embarrased. And about that MD issue; Oh yes, we're here, there, everywhere. Beware! We reproduce by dividing. We are pros, we know what we're doing. We plan, we wait in the dark, we never sleep. When the right time comes, we'll sneakly attack. Before long, we're gonna invade the entire world and then our kingdom will come. Yet still in spare time we save lives. No, I'm just kidding. No hard feelings. All the scriptwriters, please know that you're doing a great job. There it's; Bobby in white coat (Prisoner - S05E03).