On The Impossibility Of Event Of Zero Probability

In other words, what are the chances of me touching you my dear detective? Cypher, null, nothing, zero, nix, nada, nill? Now you are telling! Well, I don't need a Nobel Prize to understand Arrow Impossibility Theory besides according to Thomas Kuhn, science is nothing but a paradigm shift! I'm just waiting for my shift, OK? Above all science can not explain everything and I don't care anyway... Yadayada. Period. End of story. Humpf!

As you all remember, Probability is the 14th episode of the second season of LOCI. Recap: The mastermind criminal killing homeless people selects manner and location of death, as well as other details about them, in a seemingly random pattern in order to prevent detection by actuarial algorhythms. Nonetheless our detective is quick to notice that the pattern is too random and after investigating further he discovers that the mastermind, who has Asperger's Syndrome is obsessed with groupings of five in a specific configuration. Goren finds a hidden pattern in the order in time and location of the murders, thus solving the case. Later on, in a third season episode (F.P.S S03E10) our detective again discovers the same pattern in a different crime. Let's recall our memories:

Goren (To Detective Lynn Bishop, after he has lashed out a suspect who he thought was behind on his child support payments and is proved wrong): Croydon... McVee is another Croydon...
Bishop: Who's, Who's Croydon?
Goren: He ran out on his wife. She used him to get at me... And the pattern, one, one, two: It's Wally Stevens.
Bishop: I don't know what you're talking about.
Goren: He was an actuary. He had a pattern of five. Five, five notes. Five... pins... Eames would have known.

Remember, Dr. Daniel Croydon is the man used by Nicole Wallace to blindside Robert Goren into hounding the wrong murder suspect (A Person Of Interest S02E23). Nicole Wallace? Oh no, not again! Allright, let's not make this post annoyingly repeative. In this episode, on one hand Goren and Stevens discuss the role of Chaos Theory (Edward Lorenz and his famous Butterfly Effect) and on the other hand they try to connect Bayes' Law Of Probability with the randomness of the crimes. Both topics are too complex to explain at length right here. However as a hint, to George Bernard Shaw; all great truths begin as blasphemies. And to your 'humble' author; it is difficult to say what is probable, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow. Well, just as our detective describes himself in an episode (Faith S01E21) I guess I'm a natural born skeptic either, however unlike him I seem to have kinda soft pink optimism:) Other than this, in this episode we witness Eames kinda whining, weeping, moaning about Robert Goren in reference to Wally Stevens who is an extremely peculiar insurance-fraud investigator. Stevens, whose name appears to be a harmless joke as it's taken from Wallace Stevens, the Pulitzer Prize winning American modernist poet, helps Goren and Eames profile the culprits in a dilligent manner. For my part, 'Poetry is the supreme fiction, madame' is relatively the most famous line in all of Wallace Stevens poems. Ah, we were talking about Eames's complaints concerning Bobby, let's hear them:

Alex Eames (To Goren, meaning Wally Stevens): I didn't realize you had an older, geekier brother.
Eames (To Goren): Maybe I'm starting to sound like your little buddy (Wally Stevens).
Eames (To Goren, after Wally Stevens left the room) : You too look like you are having so much fun!
Eames (To Goren, before Wally Stevens is sent to prison): I'm sure he'd like a pen pal....

Woohoo! Do you want to smoke? Ah Eames ah! Will you ever learn to appreciate this man? And btw DOINK DOINK! Maybe you haven't realized yet, you are the luckiest woman in the entire 'fiction' world! Well yes, I like your sarcasm, I know that I said it before. But sometimes, don't you think that you're a little bit, how to put it into words... Aha, there you go! Bobby's got something to say:

This Time You Really Broke My Heart Eames!

Btw Why Am I Always On The Wrong Side Of The Car For God's Sake?

Dear Eames, I'm Writing A Letter To Tell You That...
To Hell With It! Knock It Off Woman!
I Have Had It Up To Here With Your Bitching!

Well, I don't want to sound like an oppurtunist but what is it Bobby? Anhedonia? Dysphoria? Some kind of melancholia? Whatever it's, psychotherapy is my area, I can cure you. Well, let's try something new. Oh no, I do the Lying On The Couch, you just take off your clothes Mr. Detective. It's OK, I'm a doctor! Clothes, please!... What? It's for my motivation and btw haven't you heard of a medical term called 'Positive Placebo Effect'?

Fine, Let's Give It A Shot! Desperately Seeking Derin...
Where Does This Girl Live In NY City?

I'm Here Bobby! Ellooo! By The Window Of That Red Building.. No, The Other One. DO YOU NOT SEE ME? I'm Waving My Hand!