The Pilgrim Of Love

The Pilgrim Of Hate is a classic crime fiction by Ellis Peters that takes place in medieval England. Well, hate is a strong word but not strong enough for how much I dislike using it in my daily life. Anyway, speaking of pilgrims; The Pilgrim (S02E08) is one of my favorite LOCI episodes. I guess I'll never get bored of watching it over and over again. So, what did we learn about our detective from this episode? Robert Goren's mother was a librarian and that he is one of the six people who reads Smithsonian Magazine, though for a funny reason:) Let's remember in his words: 'The magazine's the perfect size for my treadmill'. Hmmm... Are we being superficial Bobby? No, I'm sure you're just trying to get rid off Eames who looks horrified at the fact that his partner is reading a magazine like this. What a manipulative woman:)

Later on he goes ahead and impresses me, instead of Eames, by saying that he read Koran just to impress a Turkish girl whom he was attracted to during his military service in Germany. Ouchy! I'm just gaping, lost for words. Sure it wasn't me! Agh! Who was she? I think, this time I'm gonna use your partner's words: 'The more I know, the less I sleep'. Nevermind! Besides my mom is Protestant and my dad is Muslim however the path I've chosen is Deism, so a Koran reading man? No, thanks:) What else is stuck in my head? Ah, yes! Certainly blue is your color!

But above all, I love this episode most just because my 'good old fashioned common sense' tells me that war is not the answer, it never solves anything, never did never will. Democracy doesn’t come from the end of a gun. War no matter where/what/who, it is a total waste of lives and money. So far as it's concerned it's utterly and completely immoral. It’s time for all nations and all people of this planet to put down their arms, once and for all. This is not a pipe dream, it's the only way, especially these days.