Stunning Chronic Smoke-A-Holic

So far we've known that our detective is a relapsed smoker. And we've seen him smoking in some episodes that are The Faithful (S01E04), Badge (S01E20), The Pilgrim (S02E08) and Baggage (S02E11) after giving up the habit seven years ago. Oh no, I'm not gonna bore you by telling you the dangers of smoking at length. Everybody is free to decide for themselves since life is what you make it in the end. Besides one of the ideas involved in the concept of Entropy (also known as Second Law Of Thermodynamics) is that nature tends from order to disorder in isolated systems. Universe is bound to get corrupted, it's in the very nature of things. In simple words; at some point in the future we're all gonna die. Well, some like it fast:) Nevertheless I got something to say; as far as I know my dear detective you are not suicidal after all. But don't you know that you're killing the sexiest person alive by smoking? So do you mind if you don't smoke? How about never?

The Pilgrim (S02E08)

The Faithful (S01E04)

Badge (S01E20)

Baggage (S02E11)