In The Blue

In The Dark (S04E06) is a kind of Twilight Zone episode, about an old, weird couple; a suspicious woman in the early stages of Dementia and her boyfriend, an auto parts salesman who appears to be responsible for the deaths of several homeless men. Other than this Robert Goren wears his blue shirt again:) Yay! But first come, let's remember what our detectives think about them:

Robert Goren: They are an interesting couple.
Alex Eames: Sure, the killer and Mrs. Magoo.

This episode is dark, that's for sure. But it also has a dark sense of humour depending on what angle you are looking at it. For instance, we can say that our detective, in an attempt to examine lead after lead, changes his department from Major Case to X-Files for a moment.

Bobby Sending Signals To The Mother Ship

As far as I remember, it's Graham Bell, most well known for inventing the telephone, who said the now famous words 'Watson, come here. I need you!' for the very first time he spoke into the phone to his assistant in another room. It appears that our Sherlock is desperately in the need of his own Watson as he's looking for him everywhere, but in the wrong places, I guess.

Uh-Oh! Watson! Where Are You?

But don't worry! Our detective has always been successful in solving a case without the help of a 'Watson', always did and always will.

Hmmm... I Got It, The Butler Did It!