Psycho Killer

The season premiere episode Semi-Detached (S04E01) is about a controversial and self-destructive radio djay who is found dead of asphyxiation. When our detectives broaden their investigation, the clues lead them toward a creepy nurse who terrifies me to my very soul named Nelda Carlson with a Borderline Personality Disorder. She's a kinda 'separated not married but not divorced yet' nurse who enjoys to make gifts from dead men's hair. And she also seems to enjoy flirting shamelessly with our detective throughout the episode. Let's see; Goren carries her grocery bags, calls her, gives his badge for the case of emergency. In return Carlson prescribes an alternative antipsychotic for his mother and presents an old photo of Robert Goren from academy. Ai! Excuse me but what am I watching? Which show is this? In all seriousness, how could you Bobby? Wasn't it enough that you had fun with Nicole? Has this become a regular thing? Honestly, quest que cest? Of all things, let me give you a hint: Nicole Wallace and Nelda Carlson? Whatever can the connection between these two women be? Bing! There you go. Thank God, another cold case file solved. Obviously psycho killers are your type and from now psycho killer I will be:) But before I become a text book case let's recall the rest of the episode. We learn that Robert Goren's mother was 25 when he was born and also find out that she's on Ziprasidone (Geodon, Zeldox) to control the symptoms of her schizophrenia. Our nurse instead recommends a relatively old antipsychotic named Risperidone (Risperdal), supposedly with fewer side effects for her medication treatment. Ah Nelda, you screw up everything psychopharmacology stands for. You should have known better. Didn't your teachers in the med school teach you the golden rule: Don't you dare touch Bobby! Ah also, drugs should never be prescribed as a result of an inadequate consultation.

Bobby And 'Shoot-At-Sight' Nelda Carlson

Sniff, sniff... Allright, needless to say, I'm heartbroken but I will survive. As a true scientist who only believes in tangible and material things, I certainly know how to handle this unpleasent situation smoothly and tame green eyed monster within me. This is for you Nelda Carlson! This is for having a cup of coffee with Bobby... This is for holding his jacket... This is for sharing the same planet with him...