Still My Sunshine

I've not been blogging much lately as my life has gone crazy! Whatever. But there's good news, at last the sun is shining brightly over NYC! God, I love sun. It's about time to go out, buy a new training shoe and explore every inch of Central Park once again. Ah yes, I'm a casual dresser person. Well, it all depends on where we're going however I can spend all my money on sportswears and most of the time I do:) Speaking of outfits, our detective is a guy who likes to wear suits and looks absolutely good in it. So let's remember those rare moments Robert Goren gets casual episode by episode.

Smothered (S01E03)

The Third Horseman (S01E11)

Homo Homini Lupus (S01E14)

Tomorrow (S01E07)

Cuba Libre (S02E16)

The Posthumous Collection (S04E02)

The False Heart Judges (S04E23)

Prisoner (S05E03)

Acts Of Contrition (S05E05)

Vacancy (S05E17)

The War At Home (S06E08)