Stop Me Before I Kill Again

It's commonly believed that serial killers can't stop because their compulsion is so strong that they're literally addicted to murder. The most famous example of this is William Heirens in 1945. While he did not actually turn himself in, he did leave a message on the mirror of one of his second of three victims, written in lipstick: 'For heaven's sake catch me before I kill more. I cannot control myself.' In other words, he appeared to be horrified by what he was doing when he shot and stabbed a woman, leaving her body draped over a bathtub. In accordance with this information, Want (S04E03) is a fourth season episode of the LOCI that won the 2005 Edgar Award for Best Television Episode Teleplay and the personality of killer John Tagman, a shy, lonely man who can't control his primeval urge to kill, closely resemble those of serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and Edmund Kemper. And suprisingly this deeply sick man who performs Trepanation (homemade lobotomy in other words) to prevent his victims from leaving and is driven to cannibal murders gains empathy from Robert Goren. Our detective shocks his colleagues with a passionate plea that the man be spared the death penalty and engineers the confession that could save his life through a plea bargain. Goren urges ADA Carver to seek life in prison rather than the electric chair. After he coerces Tagman into an emotional confession Ron Carver arranges a deal. However in the end, it is revealed that Tagman has been beaten to death by another prisoner, prompting Eames to remark to both Goren and Carver: 'It looks like now everybody has what they wanted'. In general, I can say that this is one of the most tiresome episodes for our detective in every way. Well, first he eats tofu then chili beans and later on watches an adult movie with a serial killer. Hot chocolate with porn on the top! Ugh!