I Woof You

I can barely remember watching Lassie on TV but I definitely know that famous line 'Lassie is trying to tell us something'. Honestly what was the problem with that dog? What was it that she was so desperately trying to tell us? Was it 'Woof! Feed me! Somebody feed me' or 'Grrr, Ruff! Stop standing on my tail, you idiot'? Or maybe, just for fun, it was 'Are you talking to me? Welcome to the dorkside' or 'Adriaaaan!' or 'I know kung-fu'. How about 'Soylent Green is people' or 'Look out! Ash is a robot'? Whatever it is, I know one thing for fact. Dogs sleep alot, almost 13-14 hours per day. And considering the conditions at the time the Lassie movies were made, probably poor dog was just trying to say 'Cuuuut!' Yep, simply lost in translation. Anyway according to the book I read couple of months ago, dogs can develop regional accents. As a matter of fact language rules apply to all the animals:) For instance, in English dogs go woof woof, in French it's a ouah ouah and in Turkish it's a hav hav. The Albanian dogs go ham ham, the Chinese dogs say wang wang, the Greek dogs go gav gav, the Slovenians hov hov and the Ukrainians haf haf. In Iceland it's a voff, in Indonesia it's a gong gong and in Italy it's a bau bau:) Also to the same book, dogs mimic the behaviours of the people they love. Allright let's see. In the picture below Bobby is smiling and the cute, little pup he's holding is also smiling! Aaah, it's nice to see a dog who appreciates a remarkable man:)