The Cutism Manifesto

There are so many things to be said on cutism. Cute is the adhesive of our mass media cultures of adolescence. It's so basic to the functioning of everyday life in groups and yet, at the same time, it is our most repressed constant point of contact with our others, our selves. Cute names the death-driven meta. Whatever needs to be eliminated or mourned, must first be suffused with our capacity for love, as Sigmund Freud once defined as libido, and thus made attractive, cute, for one last libidinal upsurge. Cute is the adolescent type who makes the in-group of moving targets of mass libidinization. Cute gives children and teens a kind of tabooizing protection against the abuse that's thus ultimately, eventually, and just as forcefully, invited in, attracted, confirmed. Cute takes on a surcharge, embodies an access or excess of assimilation that becomes the one who's similar. If you're cute, you like to be different, like everyone you like, to be like. Our relations with cuteness always pass through this relay and delay of likeability, all the way to a same difference that's only as close as it is so far away. Speaking of farness; ladies and gentlemen, you are just about to become a witness to the cutest move of history as you find yourself seeing the Goren Lean once again. Yes, we've seen that famous lean as two dimensional before, in this blog. Now let's check what it looks like as one dimensional in the hope of seeing it as three dimensional one day. From my lips to God's ear:)