Mr. Goren Goes To Toy Shop

In the episode Collective (S04E12) Robert Goren and his partner are investigating the death of an expensive toy collector who was accidentally shot by the police. At first, they suspect that the victim might have fallen prey to a conniving woman who trolls sci-fi literature and vampire conventions in sexy outfits celebrating the work of vampyric horror writer Carlotta Francis and after further investigation they find her connection with a death-obsessed secret society that may be involved with the murders. Carlotta Francis, who's mentioned as the author of a series of books published in the 50s about a vampire named Lord Fantomas, is a not real author but her books discussed in the episode seem to have a lot in common with both Twilight and Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. In fact, Fantomas, one of the most popular characters in the history of French crime fiction, is created by French writers by Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre, approximately in 1911 and appears to be a gothic villain rather than a vampire. Thus Carlotta Francis And Lord Fantomas look like inspirational but another reference mentioned in the episode, which is Hans Ruedi Giger is a real life academy award winning Swiss painter, sculptor and set designer best known for his design work on the film Alien. Well, this episode is kinda weird, I can say that. Nonetheless our detective gets fun out of it, especially while questioning the owner of the toy shop. Oh yes, don't get between a guy and his toys!

The Moment Goren Sees Johnny Seven: The Seven Weapons In One

Shot 1 Grenade Launcher

Shot 2 Anti-Tank Rocket

Shot 3 Armour Piercing Shell

Shot 4 Anti Bunker Missile

Shot 5 Machine Gun

Shot 6 Repeater Rifle

Shot 7 Cap Gun