The Unblinking Eye (S04E21) is a 4th season episode of the LOCI and a bit evokes, at least for me, the crime of notorious teenaged thrill killers Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, more commonly known as Leopold and Loeb Case. Considering that this episode is kinda bizarre and creepy, not as creepy as Takashi Miike's Audition though. To make a long story short, in this episode, our detectives investigate the murder of a young actress gunned down on the street after an evening out with her boyfriend. At first, they focus their attention on a woman who had previously shown an unusual interest in the victim's boyfriend, also an actor, who was wounded in the shooting. But further evidence leads them to realize other people could have been involved. The list of suspects include the grieving boyfriend, who seems too good to be true, as well as his best friend, who never excelled in auditions as an actor. As for me, in this episode Robert Goren absolutely looks gorgeous as he wears a dark blue shirt with a bullet proof jacket and thank God, most of the time he smiles. Little or big, any smile on his cute face just makes my day.

I almost forgot! We also learn that Fern Hill, written by Dylan Thomas was Bobby's father's favorite poem.