The Devil In The Details

The God In The Details, I should better say, as long as we talk about Robert Goren. So far we have already seen his brownish black leather folder, blue pen, Motorola cell phone and IBM laptop. We have even mentioned the squad car our detective somehow can't drive because of his partner Eames:) Come, let's remember some more details about Bobby.

His Switchblade

His White Hanky

His Laceless Black Shoes

His Magnifier

Now that he's got a magnifier, all he needs is a pipe, a hat and a Chinese man servant who will attack without warning to keep him alert. Oi! Stereotyping is bad. Ai! I'm bad. And late, as usual but all the same better late than never. Law And Order: Criminal Intent is back! Our amazing detective by the name of Robert Goren is back! I think I'm gonna cry! Meanwhile please check the link, if you like, for Season Premiere of Criminal Intent April 19: Playing Dead.