Oh Captain My Captain!

Come, let's remember the captains of our detective, shall we? Capt. James Deakins, played by Jamey Sheridan supervises New York City's Major Case Squad and his top detectives include partners Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames as well as partners Mike Logan and Carolyn Barek. Although Deakins' first priority is the success of criminal investigations, he is often forced to rein in his more unpredictable detectives, especially Goren and Logan, to manage the bad publicity they occasionally attract. While this has created some friction between Deakins and his detectives, for the most part they respect his professional judgment and authority. In my opinion, throughout the seasons he's in charge he always seems to support our detective no matter what. But sadly due to a conspiracy, Deakins quit his post at the end of Season 5 and was replaced by Capt. Danny Ross, played by Eric Bogosian who joined the cast in the Season 6 premiere episode.

Captain James Deakins
Retired But Not Forgotten...

Capt. Ross is introduced in the episode 'Blind Spot' as the successor of Capt. Deakins. He's given the position of captain of the Major Case Squad as a reward for a successful 3 year stint as head of the NYPD's Joint Task Force on international money laundering. Ross takes a more hands-on approach to the administration of Major Cases than Deakins. He often goes out into the field, especially for arrests, and occasionally participates in direct interrogations of suspects. Unfortunately he's far less tolerant of the unorthodox methods of Robert Goren and most of the time we can see them at each other's throats, arguing or fighting.

Captain Danny Ross
Groundcontrol to Captain Ross! Give The Man A Break!