Kill The Cook!

Death Roe (S04E15) is a 4th season episode of the LOCI. Robert Goren and Alex Eames investigate the murder of a female restaurant critic found beaten to death, in this episode. During the investigation, Goren and Eames turn their suspicion to the chef at the last restaurant she visited, but unfortunately, the chef named Joshua Mailer has also gone missing. Eventually they turn their attention to his father in law, a well-known chef who looks like a lion tamer rather than a cook (I didn't like him for some reasons you might already know) and his daughter, named Beatrice Mailer.

The Cook The Daughter And Her Lover

For most of this episode, it's a guessing game on exactly who killed whom and for what reasons however when Goren searches more, he discovers a dark family secret between the father and the daughter that could be the final puzzle piece to solving the case. Certainly child abuse is no laughing matter whether in real life or in TV show. Therefore as a whole this episode is very sad yet entertaining in a weird way, a kinda giallo that might make you think twice before you eat meat again. Well, as they say 'Meat is murder' afterall. And it's especially interesting to see Beatrice Mailer behaving playfully and staring at Bobby whenever she has the chance. Ah that little, pretty girl... She's just like an angel from above, isn't she? Come again? Has somebody said honesty? Honesty, it's then. Yesterday my R1 was chased by a group of dogs and I felt more comfortable then than I do now! Young lady behave yourself! One should not stare. And on the planet where I came from, coming on to Bobby is considered one of the ten deadly mistakes.

Are You After A Straighter Path To My Heart Beatrice?

I almost forgot, on the top of everything else Eames is acting bitchy, again! Our well-known chef pours Bobby a glass of Grappa, a grape-based pomace brandy and when he prepares to drink Eames interferes: 'We're on duty!' Poor Bobby looks disappointed and lowers his glass. Ah Eames, you are no fun!

Did You Say Eames? More Grappa, Por Favor!

By the way the title is a reference both to 'death row', the area of a prison holding prisoners awaiting the death penalty, as well as roe, the fully ripened eggs of fish or marine animals (caviar is a salted, processed version of roe that is sold as a delicacy).

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