A Brief History Of Crime

Inert Dwarf (S04E09) is a fourth season episode of the LOCI and in this episode, Detective Robert Goren and his partner Alex Eames are investigating the radiation poisoning of a tormented scientist. When our detectives investigate further, they discover that the victim was working with a crackpot mathematician genius in a wheelchair, named John Manotti, on the controversial Theory Of Everything. This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the controversy involving famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. The use of the Theory Of Everything in this episode also refers to the Theory of Everything: The Origin And Fate Of The Universe, an unauthorized 2002 book using excerpts from several different Hawking lectures. Actually TOE is a putative theory of theoretical physics that explains and links together all known physical phenomena, though the phrase itself is very misleading on several counts. Quite understandably TOE sounds like a key to the ultimate secret of the divine intelligence but first of all, the theory is not yet fully formulated and when it is, it is not entirely clear that it will be the last word in fundamental physics. The primary problem in producing a TOE is that the accepted theories of Quantum Physics and General Relativity are hard to combine. However based on theoretical Holographic Principle arguments from the 1990s, many physicists believe that 11 dimensional space, which is described in many sectors by Matrix String Theory, in many other sectors by Perturbative String Theory is the complete theory of everything, although there is no widespread consensus.There have been many theories of everything proposed by theoretical physicists over the last century, but none have been confirmed experimentally. Therefore as the theory is now more science fiction than science fact, we'll just have to wait and see. Speaking of sci-fi, a great-grandfather of Ijon Tichy, a character from a cycle of Stanislaw Lem's sci-fi stories of 1960s, was known to work on the General Theory of Everything. Well, just like in the books of Lem, one day soon, the Theory Of Everything will arrive and gravity may come under our control! Yeah, yeah, life will never be the same ... Till then let's see what our detective is doing. Oh yes, he's still cute, sexy, sweet and funny! Btw calling Manotti's wife 'anti-matter' is hilarious:)

Robert Goren: (plays with a swivel chair) See? Again... It went forth. Now, Manotti should have bruises on his knees and in front of his face.
Officer (brings Manotti's wheelchair): Why do you want it? You're not gonna throw it, are you?
Alex Eames: No. He's had enough fun.

(After Goren insists on hearing the alarm on Manotti's wheelchair.)
John Manotti: (to Eames) Does he play the siren when he drives?
Robert Goren: (chuckles and points Eames) She drives.

We've talked about Who's-Behind-The-Wheel stuff before, haven't we? Bobby acts as if he doesn't care much about it. But all the same we sometimes find him complaining about Eames's obsession. Let's remember one of those frustrated Bobby moments (Stray S03E06).

(Detective Bishop clears her throat as Goren scrolls down a list on a computer screen)
Robert Goren: If I'm not scrolling fast enough...
Lynn Bishop: Sorry, I didn't mean to...
Robert Goren: No, really, I don't mind, you know. Eames likes to drive, so she drives. You want to scroll? Scroll.

Well, in the end he doesn't let her scroll:) Does he? Anyway, right here, he proves the age-old axiom: 'Action Speaks Louder Than The Words'

Bobby, Standing By The Passenger Side Of The Squad Car
*Looking Disappointed*

Does anyone remember the word 'justice'? According to the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. And I add one more; everyone has the right to drive. Ah yes, I have a dream that Bobby will one day drive the squad car of NYPD. Therefore I want justice for Bobby, I want it now. And at this very moment I start my own 'Let Him Drive' campaign as I'm opposed to Eames's domination of the squad car. Bobby, dear, I'm telling you. Just SAY NO TO EAMES! If you're afraid, here's your poster speaker. (Allright, I'm just kidding. And no, I don't have any severe Eames allergy. So no offence please)