Let's Talk About Love

What is love? It is one of the most difficult questions for the mankind. Centuries have passed by, relationships have bloomed and so has love. But no one can give the proper definition of love. Some say love is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection or a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction or any object of warm affection or devotion. Depending on context, love can be of different varieties. Romantic love is a deep, intense and unending. It shared on a very intimate and interpersonal and sexual relationship. The term Platonic Love, familial love and religious love are also matter of great affection. It is more of desire, preference and feelings. The meaning of love will change with each different relationship and depends more on its concept of depth, versatility, and complexity. No matter how you define it or feel it, love is the eternal truth in the history of mankind. Sadly, most persons don’t realize this, but the common, or popular, view of love involves an element of receiving something. 'I love chocolate' really means that 'I enjoy getting the experience of the taste of chocolate'. Similarly, 'I love you' commonly implies 'I enjoy playing with your body' or 'I enjoy believing that you will give me security or protection'. As a result, good old friend Jacques Lacan, in his teachings about love, described the typical act of love as Polymorphous Perversion. Well, don’t be put off by the big words. We already know what perversion means, I guess. Polymorphous simply means having many forms. So this amounts to saying, like the popular song from the 1980s, that we’re looking for love in all the wrong places. That is, we look for satisfaction in all the various titillating parts of the body but never find what is truly sought! Well, regardless of what Lacan or I think, let's hear what Bobby thinks about love.

Detective Robert Goren: Nobody's reasonable when they're in love. That's the whole point of it. (Crazy S01E12)

Detective Robert Goren: She wasn't driven to kill out of rage; she chose to kill out of love.
ADA Ron Carver: Love?
Detective Robert Goren: It's a many-splendored thing. (Seizure S01E17)

Detective Robert Goren: (To male suspect about his male secretary) Are you lovers?
Suspect: Give me a little credit. I don't chase after secretaries. (Mis-Labeled S03E14)

Well, sometimes our detective gets it wrong:) And speaking of love, he consequently explains why he's single!

Detective Robert Goren: My mother always told me to stay away from beautiful women.
ADA Ron Carver: Jealousy and desire, what tangled webs they weave!
Detective Robert Goren: Beauty, it's a beast.
(Beast S04E19)

Hmmm... What do you know? How can someone so damn beautiful say this? So you are one of those 'Beauty Is Within' men? Ah Bobby, you are a dying breed! I'm so touched by your words that I could run to you in slow motion for hours, backed by Chariots Of Fire. I could run in saucy red Baywatch style swimsuit, if you like! Ah, how silly of me! You are a 'Beauty Is Within' man, aren't you? Just forget it. By the way, I'm asking the USA Network: It's obvious that I'm not gonna ever have Bobby. So is there a Robert Goren doll/action figure/stuffed toy anywhere in our future? Anything will do. Well, I know what you are thinking. Yes, it's exactly what it looks like but I can still explain. I'm alone and I guess I've missed my bedtime pal. Oh no, there's just a little bit of dust in my eye, that's it. Anyway, let's find out the real meaning of that four letter word in Gorenland.

L Is For Lust

O Is For Obsession

V Is For Very, Very And Very Sexy

E Is For Euphoria