Video Game Killed The TV Star?

No, not really:) Couple of years ago I was one of those PS2-Xbox freaks, I spent not only sleepless nights but sleepless weeks playing Neverwinter Nights, Morrowind etc., had countless desktop plus laptop crashes, threw tens of mouses-joysticks aganist the wall:) Ah, I miss those days... Actually I'm still insanely fond of games like Moto GP 08 or WRC 3 which are much more safer for me but that's another issue:) Anyway the big idea is; as you might know, Law and Order: Criminal Intent has a PC game named The Vengeful Heart. Released in 2005, the genre of game is adventure and it does feature over 60 different environments, all of which you, assuming the role of Robert Goren, have the freedom to explore at your own discretion and leisure. In The Vengeful Heart, a bank executive has been found dead in his home. As Goren you will survey the murder scene, use psychological tactics to interrogate witnesses and push the investigation to completion. The main question is; are you sharp enough to scour the crime scene, interview suspects and track down the killer just like Goren. The sequel of Law And Order: Criminal Intent is named as Dark Obsession. And in Dark Obsession, a man is found floating in the East River. The police need to find out who he is and what happened to him. Again as Goren, you have the opportunity to uncover a trail of drugs and to find out who wanted the victim dead. Furthermore you can survey the murder scene, use psychological tactics to interrogate witnesses, collect evidence, run tests and solve challenging puzzles in order to arrest the perp. I haven't finished the game yet, still working on it! (In between, you can play it online or download the trial -not compatible with Vista-) Ah yes, I can listen to Robert Goren talk all day! Some says game is not good enough. Well, I couldn't care less! Just to hear him, I can play it forever. Btw, you can buy the game online if you like: Amazon LOCI Game